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The history of the Thomond motor car

by Mark Humphrys.

My grandfather Dick Humphreys was involved in the production of the "Thomond" car, of which four were built in Dublin between 1925 and 1933. There are no known remains of any today.

I have been researching the story since 1983, and have written the basis of a book, which is offline. It may take me 10 years to get all my information online onto this website.

Thomond no.2, prob. early 1933, just before it was rebuilt as Thomond no.4.

James A. Jones set up a garage on Haddington Rd, Dublin.
Four cars were built by Jones and his mechanics.
The chief mechanic was Ben Parsons.

  1. In 1925, Jones built his own car, Thomond no.1.

  2. Dick Humphreys saw the car, and designed one of his own for Jones and Parsons to build.
    This was Thomond no.2 in 1929.

  3. There was a Thomond no.3 saloon car in 1930.

  4. Humphreys' car was rebuilt in 1933, and this seems to be Thomond no.4.

The Thomond featured on an Irish postage stamp in 1989.
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