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I have spent a great deal of time and money on this research. Research involves travel and many expenses.
Some research "things to do" are not done for years, because I do not have the money to do them.
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Things to do

Here is a list of some of the things I have to do in this family tree research.

Maybe you could do some of them for me.


  1. Search my pages for things to do, marked with:


Search family members in online databases:
  1. Sources

  2. Links

  3. Google
  4. Google Images
  5. Flickr
  6. Google Video


  1. newspapers
  2. Irish Newspaper Archives

Parish records

Search unindexed [NLI] microfilm parish records.
Exhaustively search indexed parish records.
  1. Rathfarnham, Co.Dublin

  2. Ballylongford, Co.Kerry - not much use because 1839-68 missing

  3. Tralee, Co.Kerry - starts 1843 - microfilm illegible - see indexed copy

  4. St John's and St.Michael's, Limerick

  5. Murroe, Co.Limerick

  6. Shanagolden area, Co.Limerick

  7. Toomyvara, Co.Tipperary - too late - starts 1830


  1. [VO]

  2. [NLI] Ms

  3. [NLI]

  4. [LR]

  5. RIC records

  6. [MAI]

  7. Fr. Paddy O'Mara papers. Try Irish Jesuit Archives, 35 Leeson St, Dublin.
  8. T.F. O'Rahilly papers might have family tree.
  9. Cecile O'Rahilly papers might have inherited T.F. O'Rahilly family papers.


  1. [GRO.UK]

  2. [NA.UK] - wills

  3. [COA]
    • Gibbon arms granted to Arthur Augustus Gibbon in 19th cent. - deposit of pedigree?
    • Kerr arms - quarterings reflect his ancestors?
    • Reebkomp - grant of a coat of arms by which 10th Earl of Pembroke acknowledges Reebkomp
    • Lindsay
    • search for all these in [Armorial Families] - has small family trees

  4. British Army

  5. Royal Navy records

  6. [GRO.Scot]


Have the references. Get the BMD certs:
  1. Do ones that are free at [LDS Dublin] or [LDS London].
  2. Pay [GROI] for ones that are priority in bold.
  3. Pay [GROI] for others.

The pages which have BMD certs to get:
  1. Foley

  2. O'Mara

  3. Ebrill

  4. Humphrys

  5. Flanagan

  6. Cashel

  7. McEllistrem

  8. O'Sullivan

  9. O'Rahilly

  10. Mangan

  11. Donovan

  12. Nolan

  13. Misc

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