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My wife's ancestors - Ædie - Contents

Ædie of Aberdeen, Scotland

Many variations in spelling. Standard is with the letter from Old English "Æ", sometimes called "Ash". This is capital AE diphthong or ligature. In modern notation one would write "Aedie".

See Ædie arms.

Ædie's House (built before 1604), The Green, Aberdeen.

The first of our lines starts with:

David Ædie,
of Aberdeen,
mar Isobel Forbes and had issue:

  1. ---- Ædie,
    mar Robert Skene [born est c.1535] and had issue.

The second of our lines may be from this family:

Andrew Ædie,
mar Christian Guthrie,
sometime before 1604 he built a townhouse at The Green, Aberdeen town centre,
bur 5 Apr 1604, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen, or possibly 15 Apr,
Christian was bur 14th Sept 1622, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen,
the inscription "A. Æ. C. G. 1604" is on the corner of the Ædie grave at St.Nicholas', Aberdeen,
had issue:

David Ædie,
2nd son,
burgess of Aberdeen,
admitted a "Guild Brother" on 12 Apr 1591,
on his father's death in 1604 he inherited two properties in The Green, Aberdeen town centre,
mar apparently 1stly to "I.F." [initials on burial stone, may stand for "J.F."],
note there is an Isobel Forbes, wife of David Ædie, maltman, bur 7th June 1614, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen, which looks very much like her,
note this is too late to be the Isobel Forbes above,
mar apparently 2ndly to Cathren Burnet [dau of Thomas Burnet of Brathniss],
[Munro, 1887] says he built in 1633 the Ædie townhouse at The Green, Aberdeen, that stood for many years and was there in 1887,
[Munro, 1887] said the house bore the inscription "D. Æ. 1633", and the arms of Ædie and Burnet with date 1633,
though [Morgan, 2004] says this is his father's house, and David merely made modifications to it in 1633,
he was a strong Parliamentarian Scots Covenanter in the Scottish civil war,
killed by the Royalists in the Battle of Aberdeen 13 Sept 1644,
bur 1644, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen,
the inscription "D. Æ. I. F. 1644" is on the corner of the Ædie grave at St.Nicholas', Aberdeen,
had issue, apparently by 1st wife:

  1. George Ædie,
    merchant and burgess of Aberdeen,
    mar 30th May 1643 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Giles Burnet ["Jeals" on burial stone],
    likely that she is grandmother of Giles Ædie, i.e. likely that this George is the master below,
    erected the Ædie grave in St.Nicholas', Aberdeen, in memory of his parents and grandparents,
    he died Oct 1657, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen,
    Giles died 5th Nov 1663, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen,
    see Ædie grave in St.Nicholas',
    had issue:

    1. George Ædie,
      2nd son [burgess records],
      Baillie (city official) of Aberdeen,
      burgess of Aberdeen 1673,
      mar 28th Oct 1677 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Mary Jamesone [born 1644],
      lived in Ædie townhouse at The Green, Aberdeen,
      Mary died July 1684, age 40 yrs,
      after her death George sold her tapestries to St. Nicholas' church 1686 or 1688, where they now hang,
      had issue:

      1. Alexander Ædie, bapt 24th July 1678 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      2. David Ædie, bapt 18th June 1679 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], must have died in infancy (there is another David).
      3. David Ædie, bapt 25th July 1680 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      4. Margaret Ædie, bapt 16th June 1681 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  2. Alexander Ædie,
    as at 1670 he was a merchant in Danzig, Poland [Munro, 1887].

The second of our lines starts with:

Aberdeenshire Epitaphs and Inscriptions, John A. Henderson, 1907, [ECL] W X DA 1270, shows the following grave:

Margaret Ædie,
"daughter or near relative" of David Ædie of Newark and Easter Echt [cannot be daughter, given the dates, could be sister],
mar 15th Nov 1681 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Richard Irvine [born 1626, son of John Irvine of Artamford],
Richard was of Cairnfield (previously called Balgownie, later called Fraserfield),
he died 4th July 1703, age 77 yrs,
both bur Inverugie, Aberdeenshire,
they had issue.

Ædie grave, St.Nicholas' church, Aberdeen

Grave erected by George Ædie (died 1657) in memory of his parents and grandparents.
St.Nicholas' church, Aberdeen.

Ædie grave, NE corner of St.Nicholas' church, Aberdeen.
The arms in the upper section have worn away. The LHS just about shows it was the Ædie arms (sword with 3 crosses).
The inscription round the edge commemorates George Ædie (died 1657) and his wife "Jeals Burnet".
Inscriptions at the two top corners commemorate his parents and grandparents.
Photo courtesy of Jane Butler.
See larger and full size.

Extract from [Munro, 1887].

Miscellaneous Ædie of Aberdeen


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