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My wife's ancestors - Fairchild - Contents


Charles Fairchild,
bapt 10 Apr 1758, St.Michael's church, Stamford, Lincolnshire, (todo) see parents,
mar 20 Oct 1779 [him age 21, her age 21 and pregnant] to Frances Sharp [bapt 23 June 1758],
lived Stamford, Lincolnshire,
had issue:

  1. Ann Fairchild,
    bapt 15 May 1780, St.George's church, Stamford,
    mar 21 June 1802, St.George's church, Stamford, to John Day and had issue.

  2. John Fairchild, bapt 27 July 1781 in Saint George's, Stamford.

  3. Elizabeth Fairchild, bapt 1 July 1782 in Saint George's, Stamford,
    mar 2 Apr 1805 in Saint George's, Stamford, to James Blake.

  4. George Fairchild, bapt 16 Apr 1792 in Saint George's, Stamford,
    died 14 June 1792, age 2 months.

  5. Mary Anne Fairchild, bapt 15 Nov 1794 in Saint George's, Stamford, must have died in infancy.
  6. Mary Anne Fairchild, bapt 20 Feb 1796 in Saint George's, Stamford.

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