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My ancestors - O'Callaghan - Contents

O'Callaghan of Co.Kerry

Ballynabrennagh (NE of Tralee) and Ballybrannagh (E of Tralee).
From Google Maps.

--- O'Callaghan,
said to be of Buttevant, Co.Cork,
had issue:

  1. John O'Callaghan.
    He was farmer near Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    He was probably of Ballynabrennagh, Ratass par, NE of Tralee,
    or possibly of Ballybrannagh, Ballymacelligott par, E of Tralee.
    Ballynabrennagh is definitely where his son Denis is in 1901 and 1911. Probably this is where they were all along.
    However, spellings vary, and it is possible the father was at Ballybrannagh.
    Think [notes of Nora Stack] say Ballybrannagh.

    John mar pre-1852 to Honora Carmody [Hanna, Nora, born c.1820].
    She is my mitochondrial DNA ancestor.

    There are no O'Callaghans in either Ballybrannagh or Ballynabrennagh in [Griffiths Valuation].
    John is listed as of "Ballynamranagh" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at children's bapts 1852 and 1855.
    Listed as of "Ballynamraugh" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at son's bapt 1853.
    Listed as of "Ballinabrinach" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at dau's bapt 1857.
    Listed as of "Ballynamrinagh" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at dau's bapt 1859.
    Listed as of "Ballanvrinagh" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at son's bapt 1862.
    Listed as of "Balemaringh" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at dau's bapt 1864.
    Listed as of "Ballymenagh" near Tralee (otherwise unidentified) at dau's bapt 1866.
    Their son Denis is in Ballynabrennagh in [Census, 1901].
    There are no O'Callaghans in Ballybrannagh in [Census, 1901].
    John is not at Ballynabrennagh or Ballybrannagh in 1901 census. He might have died, or retired and moved.
    He might be John Callaghan (age 80, born 1821, farmer) and his wife Nora (age 70, born 1831), who are listed in Cloghers, S side of Tralee, in [Census, 1901]. Both illiterate, both born Co.Kerry, both speak Irish and English.

    Honora died Feb 1909, age c.89 yrs.
    She is NOT Hanorah O'Callaghan who died Kanturk union, Co.Cork, 1909, age 69.
    She might be Nora Callaghan, widow of farmer, who died 25 Feb 1909, High St, Tralee [GROI], except age given as 64 (born 1845, would be too young). Death registered by Jeremiah Callaghan of Cloghers, Tralee.
    If our John died 1910 (see below) then this Nora, died a widow in 1909, is not our family.

    John died 19 Aug 1910 [family missal].
    He is NOT John who died Cork, 1910 4th qr [GROI].
    Think he is NOT John Callaghan who died Killarney, 4th qr 1911 [GROI].
    Their son Denis is in Ballynabrennagh in [Census, 1911].
    There are no O'Callaghans in Ballybrannagh in [Census, 1911].
    John and Honora had issue:

    1. Denis O'Callaghan, born Co.Kerry,
      bapt 2 April 1852 [Tralee RC par records].

    2. Seamus O'Callaghan [James, Jim],
      bapt James, 9 July 1853 [Tralee RC par records],
      he must be "James Callaghan" who sp bapt of John O'Callaghan in Tralee in 1887,
      he would be "James O'Callaghan" who sp bapt of Mary Stack in Dublin in 1901.

    3. Jeremiah O'Callaghan,
      bapt 10 November 1855 [Tralee RC par records].
      "Jeremiah Callaghan" and "Joanna Callaghan" sp bapt of Denis 1895.
      There is a Jeremiah Callaghan, age 50 (born 1861), of Cloghers, Tralee, who registered death of Nora Callaghan in 1909 (see above), and is listed at Cloghers in [Census, 1911].

    4. Ellen O'Callaghan,
      born 13 November 1857,
      bapt Helen, 28 November 1857 [Tralee RC par records],
      mar --- Galivan.
      She is NOT an Ellen who married James Gallivan and lived at Capparoe, near Kenmare. (That is an Ellen Donoghue. See marriage.)

    5. Mary O'Callaghan, born 5 September 1859,
      bapt 11 September 1859 [Tralee RC par records].

    6. John O'Callaghan, born 4 April 1862,
      bapt 12 April 1862 [Tralee RC par records].
      "John Callaghan" and "Mary Callaghan" sp bapt of Mathew 1897.
      "John Callaghan" and "Hanora Callaghan" sp bapt of Catherine 1899.

    7. Honora O'Callaghan, born 21 June 1864,
      bapt 3 July 1864 [Tralee RC par records].

      Must be the same as:

      (dau) O'Callaghan,
      mar --- Mullins.

    8. Catherine O'Callaghan,
      listed as "Catherine" in almost all records (baptism, marriage, censuses, children's baptisms, children's deaths, grave),
      listed as "Kathleen" at children's births 1898 and 1903,
      listed as "Kate" at dau's birth 1901,
      remembered as "Cathy" by her brother Denis' branch,
      born Sat 5 May 1866, Ballynabrennagh or Ballybrannagh, near Tralee, Co.Kerry,
      bapt Sun 13 May 1866 [Tralee RC par records], [notes of Nora Stack],
      can't find birth in [GROI],
      she is NOT Kathleen Margaret Mary O'Callaghan, born Tralee, 1867,
      she was living Castle Street, Tralee, at time of marriage 1896,
      mar 3rd Aug 1896 [her age 30, him age 25], RC church, Tralee, Co.Kerry [GROI]
      to William Stack [bapt 2 Apr 1871] and had issue.


Baptism of Catherine O'Callaghan, 13 May 1866, [Tralee RC par records].

Catherine O'Callaghan.
See larger and full size.

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