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My wife's ancestors - Welles - Contents

Welles, Baron Welles

John de Welle, 4th Baron Welles, born 23 Aug 1334,
mar Maud de Ros,
died 11 Oct 1361, age 27 yrs,
had issue:

  1. John de Welles, 5th Baron Welles (see here), born 20 Apr 1352,
    mar Eleanor Mowbray [descendant of Edward I],
    died 26 Aug 1421, age 69 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Eudo de Welles,
      mar Maude de Greystoke [descendant of Henry II],
      had issue:

      1. Sir William Welles, Lord Chancellor of Ireland.

  2. Anne Welles, mar pre-1386 to James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormonde and had issue.

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