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Pronounced "Punsunby", according to [Gourley, 1965].

Surviving stone from Crotto House, dated 1760.
It has the name "R. Ponsonby" (Richard Ponsonby, MP, died 1763).
Photo 2013. See larger and full size.
See wider shot and other shot.
See also photo in [O'Flaherty, 2003], which says this stone is part of the old cider press, though dates it wrong as 1790.

Henry Ponsonby, born 1620,
mar Rose Weldon,
served under Cromwell in Irish Confederate Wars,
he was granted Crotto (or Crotta), between Tralee and Listowel, Co.Kerry, in 1666,
built Crotto House 1669,
died at Crotto in 1681, age 61 yrs,
had issue:

Thomas Ponsonby,
of Crotto,
mar 1685 to Susanna Grice,
will proved 1717 [Betham's Abstracts],
had issue:

  1. Rose Ponsonby, born must be c.1686,
    mar 1705 to John Carrique [descendant of Edward III],
    had issue:

    1. William Carrique (later William Carrique Ponsonby),
      born est c.1713 (by date of entering TCD),
      inherited Crotto from his uncle Richard Ponsonby by his will of 1762,
      adopted name Ponsonby,
      ancestor of Carrique Ponsonby (or sometimes Carrigue Ponsonby) of Crotto.

  2. Alice Ponsonby,
    mar 1718 to Edmund Peacocke and had issue,
    ancestors of:

    1. Georgina Pinkas, researching family tree.

  3. Richard Ponsonby, of Crotto,
    MP for Kinsale 1731 to 1760,
    mar 2ndly to Arabella Blennerhassett [born 1726],
    his will of 1762 left Crotto to his nephew William Carrique,
    died 1763,
    will proved 1764 [Betham's Abstracts].

  4. Honora Ponsonby,
    mar 1733 to John Wren and had issue.



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