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The pagan Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King of Ireland and Tara, died maybe around 450 AD, is generally considered the historical start of the Irish Royal line.
For some discussion, see here. His descent from Milesius is legend.

Niall of the Nine Hostages is ancestor in male line of:

Brian O'Neill, the last High King of Ireland.
King of Ulster.
Killed in battle in 1260.

Brian O'Neill, High King of Ireland, and King of Ulster, is ancestor in male line of:

Con Mor O'Neill, King of Ulster,
mar Eleanor Fitzgerald [descendant of Edward I and of Aoife Mac Murrough],
died 1493,
had issue:

Conn O'Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone,
King of Ulster,
died 1559,
had illegitimate issue:

  1. Matthew O'Neill, 1st Baron Dungannon,
    died 1558,
    had issue:

    1. Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone,
      the rebel, born c.1550.
      Regarded as the last King of Ulster, and hence the last native king in Ireland.
      Regarded by some as High King of Ireland.
      He eloped 1591 with Mabel Bagenal.
      He led Tyrone's Rebellion (The Nine Years' War) against the Crown, 1593 to 1603.
      He died in Rome, 1616.

Niall of the Nine Hostages is ancestor through female line of:

Arthur O'Neill.
He mar Annabel Crewe-Milnes [dau of Robert Crewe-Milnes, 1st Marquess of Crewe].
She is descendant of Lady Catherine Cochrane, who descends from Henry VII.
They had issue:

  1. Mary O'Neill,
    mar Derick Gascoigne and had issue:

    1. Bamber Gascoigne, born 1935, author and TV presenter,
      presenter of University Challenge 1962-87.

  2. Terence O'Neill, born 1914,
    Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, 1963-69.

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