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My ancestors - O'Sullivan - Contents

O'Sullivan of Meentoges, Co.Kerry

Meentoges on 1829 to 1842 map.
See also Google Maps.

O'Sullivan is one of the most common names in Munster.

Dónall O'Sullivan,
or Donal,
or Dónall Óg O'Sullivan,
of Meentoges, Kilcummin par, E of Killarney, Co.Kerry,
had issue:

  1. Mary O'Sullivan, poss. Nora,
    see note on wives of Morgan and Fionn O'Rahilly,
    mar Fionn O'Rahilly [born est c.1710] and had issue.

Relationship to the above not clear:

---- O'Sullivan,
had issue:

  1. Philip O'Sullivan, born est c.1740,
    of Meentoges, Co.Kerry.

  2. Fr. Mark O'Sullivan,
    Rev. Marcus O'Sullivan,
    think educ Louvain,
    P.P. of the RC par of Firies from 1797 to 1814 [Fitzelle, 1986],
    Firies (also Fieries) is in the civil par of Kilnanare, Co.Kerry (N of Killorglin and Killarney, S of Tralee, see map),
    [Julia Sheehan] described him as "PP of Currow",
    Currow is a RC chapel in Ranalough townland, civil par of Killeentierna (see map), this is the church of the RC par of Killeentierna,
    [Julia Sheehan] said he "was removed from Currow to Ballylongford",
    PP of Ballylongford, post-1814,
    though he is not listed in [Lynch, 2008],
    instead [Lynch, 2008] lists "Fr. Michael O'Sullivan" as P.P. of Tarbert and Ballylongford 1782-1810, and [Gaughan, 1974] lists the same "Michael O'Sullivan" as P.P. of Listowel from 1810 to his death in 1829.

Fieries church on 1829 to 1842 map.

Currow church on 1887 to 1913 map.
See it on 1829 to 1842 map.


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