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Fr. James Humphrys

An address presented to Rev. James Humphrys on his leaving Yorkshire in 1890.
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Fr. James Humphrys,
bapt 19 May 1856.
Became a priest. [Maynooth] lists "James Humphrey", matriculated 15 Jan 1876, diocese of Cashel.
"James Humphrys" sp bapt of his niece Emily Humphrys 1880.
[Maynooth] lists "James Humphrey", ordained 1881-82. Though other source says ordained 1884.

Priest in Yorkshire, 1884-90:
Priest at St. John's Catholic church, Beverley, Yorkshire, from 1884 to 1890.
He was recalled to Limerick 1890.
An illuminated address survives that was presented to Rev. James Humphrys on his leaving St.John's, Beverley, July 1890.
See item in [The Irish-American newspaper, August 2, 1890], which says his flock "presented him with a handsomely illuminated and framed address".

Curate at Hospital, at least 1892 to 1905:
He was C.C. (Curate) at Hospital, Co.Limerick (Hospital RC par, Diocese of Emly).
Listed as Curate at Hospital in [Thoms] at least 1892 to 1905.
He married his brother Dr.David and Nell, 1895. Listed as "Rev. James Humphrys, C.C., Hospital".
He married his brother Mick 1896. Listed as C.C.
He is listed in 1901 census at Hospital. He has a house keeper.
He married his niece Margaret Lloyd 1902.
He delivered an address at his brother Dr.David's funeral 1903, listed as C.C., Hospital.
He married his niece Emily Humphrys 1904.
He was said to have become P.P. of Hospital but not sure if he did. Still Curate in 1905. And then Curate at Newport in 1906.

Curate at Newport, at least 1906 to 1914:
He became a priest at Newport, Co.Tipperary. His name appears in [Newport RC par records] from 1906.
Paddy Humphreys thought he was P.P. Newport, 2 Feb 1906 - 22 Dec 1922. But he was still only Curate at Newport in [Thoms, 1914]. And he is gone from Newport (and indeed dead) before 1922. Not clear he was ever P.P. of Newport.
Listed as Curate (not parish priest) at Newport in [Thoms] at least 1910 to 1914.
He is listed in 1911 census as priest (curate), living 14 Jail Street, Newport, spelt "Humphrys".
He became president of the Newport Town Tenants' League, campaigning for the right of the local tenants to buy out their holdings from the landlord.
He chaired a large tenants' rights meeting at Newport, Sun 23 Feb 1913.
See report in Nenagh Guardian, Saturday, March 1, 1913.
Still Curate at Newport in [Thoms, 1914].

P.P. of Caherconlish, post-1914 to death 1918:
He then became P.P. of Caherconlish, Co.Limerick (Caherconlish RC par, Diocese of Emly). This was the area round Caherline, Co.Limerick (where his sister was).
While at Caherconlish, he erected a stained glass window in Murroe church (near altar, on LHS) in memory of his parents, spelt "Humphrys". It says Fr. James is P.P. of Caherconlish.
[P106/567(2)] is a letter from what must be W.P. Byles, MP from the House of Commons, 1 June 1916 (after the 1916 Rising) to Fr. James Humphrys about the rebel prisoners. Among the prisoners was his nephew Dick Humphreys (incorrectly called "your sister's son"). See image from 2017 exhibit.

Death, 1918: He died Tue 19 Nov 1918, age 62 yrs. Listed as P.P. of Caherconlish.
See obituary in Limerick Chronicle, Thur 21 Nov 1918.
Funeral Fri 22 Nov 1918.
Still listed at Caherconlish in alphabetic index in [Thoms, 1919], but parish index lists P.P. position of Caherconlish vacant.

Fr. James chairing a tenants' rights meeting at Newport, Sun 23 Feb 1913.
This is clearly him rather than his activist cousin Fr. David Humphrys (then P.P. of Killenaule, Co.Tipperary).
The newspaper says he is the local priest in Newport, and talks of a procession "arriving at Father Humphries' residence".
From Nenagh Guardian, March 1, 1913.

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