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54 Northumberland Rd, Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin

54 Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin.
The widowed Nell Humphreys and her family lived here from 1909.
It was their home during the 1916 Rising, in which Nell's brother was KIA, and in which Nell's son also fought and was afterwards jailed.
There was fierce fighting at Mount Street Bridge, at the end of Northumberland Road, during the Rising.
The Humphreys family left in 1917 or 1918.
Later, in WW2, the embassy of Nazi Germany was two doors away, at 58 Northumberland Rd.
The current situation of 54 Northumberland Rd seems complex. Gannon Homes (HQ at 52 Northumberland Rd) is involved in a property dispute about also taking over 54 Northumberland Rd.


The Humphreys house, 54 Northumberland Rd, is the N house of the block of three opposite St. Mary's Road.
Marked "Gannon Properties Ltd" here.
The other two houses in the block are 56 and 58 Northumberland Rd.
From Google Maps.

The Humphreys house, 54 Northumberland Rd, is the LHS house of the block of three here.
From street view.
The RHS house of the block, 58 Northumberland Rd, was the Embassy of Nazi Germany during WW2.

The block opposite St. Mary's Road.
Ordnance Survey of Ireland map. Date created: 1865. Date modified: 1888. From here.

The even numbers (the N or E side) of Northumberland Rd in [Thoms, 1914]. Shows Humphreys at no. 54.
The numbers match the numbering today.
[Thoms, 1939] shows there has been no re-numbering, and the Nazi embassy is at no. 58.
Tracking forward to [Thoms, 1987] shows there was no re-numbering.

Mount St Bridge after 1916.
From NLI.

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