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Sandymount Park, Sandymount, Co.Dublin

Two buildings at Sandymount, Co.Dublin.

The two buildings of "Sandymount Park"

The definition and history of Sandymount Park is very confusing.
This page corrects all other versions by me.

"Sandymount Park" has been used to refer to two buildings:

  1. The main (Gandon) building. The main building was designed by the famous James Gandon. This was the home of the painter William Ashford, who painted Mount Merrion around 1800 to 1806 for the 7th Viscount Fitzwilliam. This had an entrance from the coast road (Strand Rd, or Beach Rd). First it was called "Sandymount Park". Later it was called "Sandymount Park House", and then "Park House", and then "Roslyn Park". This building survives today, nicely restored. Today it is called "Roslyn Park" or the "Gandon villa".
    See extract from [Hussey, 1971], which notes both buildings, but says Roslyn Park is the Gandon building.
    See extract from [O'Rorke, 1985], which calls it "Sandymount Park House".

  2. The other (Newgrove Ave) building. This was a slightly smaller building within Sandymount Park. "Sandymount Park" used to refer to both buildings. Later, when the Gandon building changed its name, this building confusingly kept the name "Sandymount Park". This had a separate entrance from Newgrove Ave. Later it was called "28 Newgrove Ave". This was the home of Dick Humphreys 1929-33. This building today is either demolished or (possibly) hidden under a newer building.

Tracking the two houses

Tracking the names of the two houses down through the years:

Source The main (Gandon) building
(Strand Road entrance)
The other building
(Newgrove Ave entrance)
SANDYMOUNT in [Lewis, 1837] Sandymount Park
(residence of Capt. W. Dillon)
Alphabetic list in [Dublin Almanac, 1838] Sandymount Park.
Capt. Dillon.
M.J. Dillon.
Algernon Preston, Sandymount Park  
[Case, 1843] Makes it clear that the house of William Ashford is Sandymount Park, now held by Capt. Dillon. See extract.    
SANDYMOUNT in [Pettigrew & Oulton, 1845] Sandymount Park, Strand.
Three people listed there:
Captain William Dillon, Michael Dillon, Francis Dillon.
Algernon Preston, Sandymount Park, Newgrove Ave. There are two Sandymount Park's, on different roads, with two separate families, and two separate entrances (one on each road).
[Gandon and Mulvany, 1846] Says the Gandon house is Sandymount Park. See extract part 1 and part 2.    
Alphabetic list in [Slater's directory, 1846]   Algernon Preston, Sandymount Park  
Sandymount townland in Donnybrook parish in [Griffiths Valuation, 1847] Michael Dillon at building no.113 on the Strand. Leasing from Dr. William Ashford. Algernon Preston at building no.182 on Newgrove Ave. Leasing from Dr. William Ashford.  
Sandymount townland in Donnybrook parish in [Griffiths Valuation, 1848] Michael Dillon at building no.113 on the Strand. Algernon Preston at building no.182 on Newgrove Ave.  
Sandymount townland in Donnybrook parish in [Griffiths Valuation, 1849] Michael Dillon at building no.113 on the Strand. Leasing from Dr. William Ashford. Algernon Preston at building no.182 on Newgrove Ave. Leasing from Dr. William Ashford.  
Griffiths Valuation Township map Sandymount Park House Sandymount Park  
[Thom's, 1850] Sandymount Park.
Francis Dillon, Captain William Dillon and Michael Dillon.
  Gives Sandymount Park its own separate entry, as if it were an estate of three buildings.
[Thom's, 1852] No house name given.
On the Strand:
Francis Dillon, Major William Dillon and Michael Dillon.
Alphabetic list of people also lists just "Strand" for all three.
John Robinson, Sandymount Park, no street given.  
Griffiths Valuation period map from Park House Sandymount Park  
Cavan Observer, October 10, 1857 Refers to Michael James Dillon, late of Sandymount Park, Co.Dublin, and previously of Park House, Sandymount, Co.Dublin.    
[Thom's, 1862] Sandymount Park, Sandymount strand.
James Dillon.
Major William Dillon.
[Thom's, 1865] Park House, Sandymount strand (vacant). Joseph Martin, Sandymount Park, Newgrove Ave.  
[Thom's, 1868] John Walsh, Park House. Joseph Martin, Sandymount Park.
"26" Newgrove Ave.
[Thom's, 1877] James A. King, "Roslin park". Joseph Martin, Sandymount Park.
28 Newgrove Ave.
Report of 48th meeting of British Association for the Advancement of Science, pub 1879 (meeting held in Dublin, 1878). List of members for 1878 includes:
James H. Owen, Park House, Sandymount (joined 1857).
  Address might be slightly out of date.
[Thom's, 1884] Entry on Sandymount Strand for "Caldwell, James, Roslin park". Entry for 28 Newgrove Ave as "Martin, Joseph, Sandymount park".  
1887 to 1913 map "Rosslyn Park" Sandymount Park  
[Thom's, 1910] Entry on Sandymount Strand for "Dunn, Joseph, Roslyn park".
Alphabetic index has him at "Roslyn Park, Beach road, Sandymount".
Entry for 28 Newgrove Ave as "Pugh, Miss, Sandymount park".  

1829 to 1842 map shows the two buildings existing at this time.
The main (Gandon) building is the more impressive house. It has a gate lodge, a longer drive, and more outbuildings.
Note that "Laburnum Lodge" does not refer to either of our buildings. This is clearly shown in [Pettigrew & Oulton, 1845] and 1865 map.

The two buildings on [VO] Griffiths Valuation maps, Dublin county, Township maps, Pembroke, map 22.
The plot numbering ("182" and "113" crossed out) and the acreage here perfectly matches the plot numbering and acreage in [Griffiths Valuation, 1849] for the Michael Dillon house (Gandon building, to the N) and the Algernon Preston house (Newgrove Ave building, to the S).
The Gandon building is marked here as "Sandymount Park House" (which presumably led to its later name of "Park House").
See larger and full size.

Griffiths Valuation period map from
The Gandon building is now called "Park House".
The other building is still "Sandymount Park".

"Park House" to the N. Gate to the E on Strand Road.
"Sandymount Park" to the S. Gate to the S on Newgrove Ave.
Ordnance Survey of Ireland map. Date created: 1865.
From here and here.

(Left) Sandymount Strand in [Thom's, 1868].
(Right) Sandymount Strand in [Thom's, 1877].
Park House gets re-named to Roslyn Park.

1887 to 1913 map shows the two buildings.
"Roslyn Park" to the N (the Gandon building) and "Sandymount Park" to the S (the Newgrove Ave building).
See modern satellite view.

Sandymount Park - The main (Gandon) building

Sandymount Park - The other (Newgrove Ave) building

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