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Dermod O'Brien, 5th Baron of Inchiquin

Dermod O'Brien, 5th Baron of Inchiquin,
born around Oct 1594 (age 2 years 9 months at father's death).
See wikipedia and genealogics.
He succ 1597 when father killed in battle.
He mar in or before 1614 to Ellen Fitzgerald [descendant of Edward I and of Aoife Mac Murrough].
He died 29 Dec 1624, age 30 yrs.
5th Baron and Ellen had issue:

  1. Murrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin,
    apparently born September 1614.
    After his father's death 1624 he became 6th Baron of Inchiquin. Raised Protestant.
    Military leader for the Crown against the 1641 Rebellion. Became Governor of Munster.
    Submitted to parliament in the English Civil War in 1644.
    He carried out the Sack of Cashel in 1647, the worst single atrocity since the start of fighting in 1641. After this, he was given the name "Murchadh na Dóiteáin" or "Murrough of the Burnings".
    Switched to the Royalist side in 1648. Signed a truce with the confederate Catholics.
    Royalist leader at Battle of Rathmines 1649.
    Went into exile in France in 1650.
    He was cr Earl of Inchiquin by Charles II in exile in 1654.
    He became a Catholic in 1656 (in exile on the Continent). His wife remained Protestant.
    He died 1674.
    He had issue:

    1. William O'Brien, 2nd Earl of Inchiquin,
      had issue:

      1. William O'Brien, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin, born 1662.
        He raised a Regiment of Foot in 1704.
        Henry Goddard of Wiltshire joined his regiment in 1704-1706 and came to Ireland.
        This may be ultimately why Capt. Thomas Goddard later came from England to Ireland.
        Regiment disbanded 1712.
        3rd Earl died 1719.
        Ancestor of the Earls of Inchiquin and Marquesses of Thomond, up to 3rd Marquess of Thomond (died 1855).
        In 1855 the Earldom and Marquessate became extinct. Barony of Inchiquin went to distant cousins.

  2. Mary O'Brien,
    mar Michael Boyle, Archbishop of Armagh and had issue.
    Ancestors of Duke of Wellington and of Elizabeth II.

  3. Honora O'Brien,
    mar Anthony Stoughton and had issue.
    Appendix H in [Fuller, Omniana] shows her ancestry.

Murrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin (died 1674).
Date 1660-1670. From here.

Henry Goddard of Wiltshire joins the 3rd Earl of Inchiquin's regiment in 1704-1706 and comes to Ireland.
This may be ultimately why Capt. Thomas Goddard came from England to Ireland.

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