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James Franklin Fuller

James Franklin Fuller.
See full size (and copy).
Formerly here in Stokes family photos by Teresa Stokes.

James Franklin Fuller,
architect and genealogist,
born 16 Aug 1835, near Sneem, Co.Kerry.
See wikipedia.
He became an architect, FRIAI, FRIBA.

He mar 28 Aug 1860, St.John's, Hampstead, London,
to Helen Guivier [Hyacinthe Palmire Helene Guivier, French].
She was born 30 Dec 1838, Rue Capron, Paris (see map).
She was dau of Jean Prosper Guivier, a noted musician, son of Etienne Simon Guivier, a French soldier and POW on the Russian front.
The family name survives today in J P Guivier violin dealers, London.
See The legend about Helen Guivier's origin.

JFF had from around 1870 on an office at 179 Great Brunswick St, Dublin.
In [Thom's] 1872 to 1898 he is listed as living 5 Sydenham Rd, Dundrum, Co.Dublin (see street view).
Inherited Glashnacree House, Co.Kerry, after father's death 1886.
He was a historian and genealogist, FSA, MRIA, member of [CHAS].
His architectural works include:

See genealogy controversy with Mary Agnes Hickson in Kerry Evening Post 1893.
He bought "Lissatier", Eglinton Road, Dublin, in 1898. Lived there until his death in 1924.
He wrote an account of the Trial of Rowan Cashell in 1901-04.
He lived to see great-grandchildren. He died 8th Dec 1924, age 89 yrs,
bur Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
See biographies in DIA and [O'Brien and Guinness, 1994].
Helen died 1925.
James Franklin Fuller and Helen had issue:

  1. May Fuller,
    born 17 July 1861.
    She mar 1889 to Sir Gabriel Stokes [born 1849] and had issue.
    They mar at [Kilcrohane CoI church].

  2. Harnett Fuller,
    born 1866.
    He mar 1894 to Augusta Hurly.
    He abandoned his wife and child about 1899.
    Augusta and her son are listed in 1901 census with her brother John Hurly at the Hurly home, Fenit House, on the coast W of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
    Harnett died 1919.
    Augusta's brother John Hurly died unmarried 1929.
    Augusta inherited Fenit House. She lived there.
    She died 1946.
    Harnett and Augusta had issue:

    1. Franklin Fuller,
      Franklin Bland Fuller, born 2 Nov 1897.
      He mar 1937 to Mary Bayley, no issue.
      They lived with his mother at Fenit House.
      He drowned in 1943.
      His mother died 1946.
      Mary lived at Fenit House for many years, left about 1980.
      She died Dec 1990.

  3. Evelyn Melicent Fuller,
    did not marry,
    lived "Lissatier", Eglinton Road, Dublin after father's death,
    she died there in 1958.

James Franklin Fuller.
See larger and full size.
From here in Stokes family photos by Teresa Stokes. Used with permission.

Kylemore Abbey, Connemara.
Photo 2006. See full size. From Wikimedia Commons.

5 Sydenham Rd, Dundrum, Co.Dublin.
Photo 2013 or 2014 from Teresa Stokes. See full size.
See street view.

Grave of James Franklin Fuller, Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
See full size.
From Teresa Stokes.

"Lissatier", Eglinton Road, Dublin

Home of James Franklin Fuller from 1898.
He is listed at "Lissatier", Eglinton Road (no number) in [Thom's, 1901].
He is listed at "Lissatier", 51 Eglinton Road, in [Thom's, 1914] and [Thom's, 1923].
He died 1924.
His daughter Evelyn Melicent Fuller continued to live there.
Re-numbered as 83 Eglinton Road in 1934.
"Miss E.M. Fuller" is listed at "Lissatier", 83 Eglinton Road, in [Thom's, 1935].
Evelyn died there in 1958. It was then sold.
Was recently a guest house called "Eglinton Manor".
Survives today as 83 Eglinton Road.

Confirming the re-numbering:
[Thom's, 1914] shows that Fuller's house, "Lissatier", no.51, was beside "Glencar", no.49.

83 Eglinton Road (Fuller's house, formerly "Lissatier", formerly no.51).
See full size.
See street view.
See 2014 photo by Bob Frewen.

The legend about Helen Guivier's origin

Amazingly, James Franklin Fuller's information on his own wife, Helen Guivier, is not reliable: [Thomson, 2009] shows in great detail that this story is untrue, and there is no connection to any "Guivion" or "Gouvion". He lays out in detail Helen Guivier's true origin. He tracks the career of her father Jean Prosper Guivier and her grandfather Etienne Simon Guivier.
This research is summarised in [Frewen, 2014].



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