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Thomond - Thomond no.1

Thomond no.1

The name "Thomond"

The car was named after the area of Thomond (Co.Clare/Co.Limerick), where its makers all came from.

The "24 Hours" Trial

Jones and Mc Mullan in Thomond no.1, on the "24 hours" trial,
think 1926 (when Dick was on it as well), though on the back Dick writes:
"Mr. J.A. Jones (and Mr. Mc Mullan (Auctioneer, Rathmines)) in the 12 H.P. No.1 "Thomond" car in which he won a Gold Medal in 24 Hours Trial 1927/28".
See full size.

John and Frank Mc Mullan were the ones who did the motor trials.
Louis A. Mc Mullan said this is "probably John",
but Tommy O'Brien said it is NOT John.

no.1, same trial.
Number plate IK 8--9. "Thomond" written at angle on radiator.

Glengesh pass, Co. Donegal.
Photo 2004 by Michael McGonagle. See terms of use.
See similar shot from here.

Some photo by Dick on a mountain trial.
It must be Jones (see photo above, even has same hat and outfit),
although Mary Jones didn't think it was him.

Dick's Rhode

(that he drove on the 1926 24 Hours Trial)

I have a note that Eibhlín remembered it as green, gears written in chalk on dashboard - but surely she wasn't around at the time.

Dick and Alice Cashel
in the Rhode, Cashel House, 1926.
See full size.

Dick's Rhode, Connemara, 1926.
Must be Alice Cashel on right, prob. Dick on left.

(Left to Right): Alice Cashel, ---, Steen O'Mara,
in the Rhode, Roundstone Harbour, Connemara, 1926.

Cashel House, c.1927,
prob. a Bullnose Morris.
Back (Left to Right): Alec Spain, ---, (think friend), Eileen, poss. Dick Lavelle (unlikely?), Una, Sheila, Dick Humphreys.
Front: Desmond Mc Loughlin, Eddy Lavelle, Maureen.

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