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de Burgh, Earl of Ulster

There was a claim that William de Burgh descends from Robert de Burgo, half-brother of William the Conqueror.
But ULSTER in [Complete Peerage] disproves this.

William de Burgh,
Anglo-Norman, born c.1160,
arrived in Ireland 1185 (a few years after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169),
said to have mar a dau of Domnall Mor O'Brien, King of Thomond [descendant of Brian Boru],
granted Connacht in 1196, but the Normans did not yet control it on the ground,
made Lord of Connacht,
died winter 1205/1206, age c.45 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Richard Mor de Burgh, 1st Baron of Connacht (and here), born 1201.
    He launched Norman conquest of Connacht 1226. Took control of a large area. Returned to Dublin in 1228.
    Justiciar of Ireland 1228-1232.
    He mar Egidia de Lacy.
    He came to Galway 1230, but was repelled by the native Irish.
    He seized Galway Castle 1232. He re-built it as a stone castle in 1232.
    Lost Galway Castle to the Irish 1233. Re-took it in 1235.
    Conquest of Connacht complete 1235.
    He died on a campaign with Henry III in France, 17 February 1242 (new style year), age 41 yrs.
    Richard Mor and Egidia had issue:

    1. Walter de Burgh, 1st Earl of Ulster, born c.1231.

    2. William de Burgh.
      He is male-line ancestor of:

      1. Rev. Ulysses Burgh, Bishop of Ardagh,
        mar Mary Kingsmill [descendant of Edward I, see descent by Leo van de Pas],
        died 1692,
        had issue:

        1. Rev. Rickard Burgh, born 1666,
          had issue:

          1. Mary Burgh,
            mar 1710 to Rev. Thomas Lloyd [born 1690] and had issue.

        2. Thomas Burgh, born 1670,
          Surveyor General of Ireland.

    3. Margery de Burgh,
      mar Theobald Butler, 3rd Chief Butler of Ireland and had issue.

The disproved story of descent from the half-brother of William the Conqueror

Walter de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, under ULSTER in [Complete Peerage].

Note (f) from the above, on the de Burgh ancestry.
It says William de Burgh is not the same as William FitzAldelm.

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