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Our common family tree

These are the families that both my wife and I descend from.

How to read my narrative family trees: The format I am using is a hypertext version of the Burke's Peerage narrative format. Basically, to move around the tree you click on the names in bold.

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Arms of Edward III and his sons, Trinity College, Cambridge.


My wife descends from the following families (see my wife's family tree). I may descend from them too, depending on how the Blennerhassett descent is proved (see my family tree). My wife descends from them anyway, whether I do or not. These will not be done in detail. Rather I will only show enough of the tree that is necessary to highlight and cement our particular lines of descent:

Our common family tree:

My family tree

My wife's family tree

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Our most recent common ancestor

Depending on how the Blennerhassett descent is proved, our most recent common ancestor (MRCA) would be Sir William Sidney, who was granted Penshurst Place, Kent, in 1552, died in 1554, buried at Penshurst. This would make Penshurst our most recent common family home. He lived so recently that there is a portrait of him. That is, two random people in England and Ireland are related within 440 years. That is, two random people in England and Ireland are related after the Reformation. It is not impossible that some of my ancestors could have known some of her ancestors as relations as recently as 1700.

MRCA family MRCA individuals
Fitz-Hugh Elizabeth Fitz-Hugh (died pre-1507)
Herbert Sir William Herbert and Gwladys Gam (he died 1446)
Neville Sir Edward Neville, Kt. (died 1538)
Sidney Sir William Sidney and Anne Pakenham (he died 1554)
Throckmorton Sir Robert Throckmorton (died 1519)
Vaux Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden (died 1523)
Windsor Eleanor de Windsor

If this Letitia Blennerhassett is my ancestor, then we have the following amazing connection:

Our common relations

If the Blennerhassett descent is proved, we get the following common ancestors.
They are definitely my wife's ancestors in either case.

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